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Why give information about knife crime to Crimestoppers?

Are you worried about what might happen to you if you talk to the police?

Maybe youíve seen or heard something about a crime but donít know what to do. Are you scared to come forward and be a witness?

If you feel like this, itís easy to think thereís nothing you can do.

But would you say something if no-one knew it was you?

Then Crimestoppers is there for you.

Crimestoppers is a charity that allows you to give information about crime completely anonymously. You can give information by either calling 0800 555 111, or filling out an anonymous online
Giving Information Form.

Crimestoppers has been taking anonymous information from the public for over 25 years. Crimestoppers has never broken their promise to keep an information-giverís identity anonymous.

When you give information to Crimestoppers, either by calling 0800 555 111 or online:

  • You will not be required to reveal your name
  • You will not have to make a police statement
  • You will not appear in court
  • Your call will not be recorded
  • Your call or online form will not be traced
Crimestoppers Ė Tell us what you know, not who you are.